Lucas Hille - Public Speaking & Personal Impact Coach

Charismatic. Influential. Persuasive. Motivational. Confident.

Positive personal impact is a key trait of individuals that are able to think, act and communicate with purpose and precision - ultimately allowing them to be described by the adjectives above.

I provide workshops, seminars and personal impact coaching, tailored specifically to your personal or business needs. My mantra is one of continuous improvement - I provide my clients with take-away skills that can improve impact and speaking performance from the first moment.

Whilst all individuals are products of their environment, everyone has the capacity for confidence and leadership. Having lived for many years in India, Germany, Poland, Morocco and the United States, I have an in-depth understanding of the cultural nuances of personal impact and the immense global power of public speaking, allowing me to tailor sessions and workshops to international audiences.

As a result, my clients come from a wide range of nationalities. Among others, I have previously worked with individuals and groups from Dubai, Portugal, India, the Carribean, Malaysia, China, Australia, and Norway.

The aim is to help you make the most of your current personal skill-set, whilst providing the tools and methodology needed to develop impact in the situations that matter to you. As a result, you will learn how purposeful communication can allow you to consistently sell yourself and your ideas more effectively and powerfully.

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