If you’re looking for more information on some of the things you might be able to expect in a personal session with me, or if you book me for a talk, look no further. Below you will find thought-leadership on speaking and impact through my latest LinkedIn posts, as well as video footage from my YouTube channel. This includes some conference footage, as well as handy tips and tricks for you to think about when public speaking, networking or presenting yourself.

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Face of David Cameron & Ed Miliband

How Cameron & Miliband Tried to Fool Us with Body-Language

Mar 27, 2015

A few hours have passed since the Battle for Number 10 debate between David Cameron & Ed Miliband. There is little consensus about who came out of the debate as the winner, but one thing is for certain: both arrived prepared to do just about anything to correct, or clarify, public perceptions about their suitability for office.

Below, I look at how & why both Cameron and Miliband said the things they said in the ways they did, & how they tried to influence us with pre-determined tactics of body-language & rhetoric.

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Confidence Castle

Challenge, Self-perception & "Confidence Castles"

Sep 3, 2014

Books such as Bounds and Outliars have impressively documented the effort and dedication required in becoming truly "world-class" at a skill - and have even quantified this 'practice makes perfect' rhetoric: 10,000 hours spent at the black and white keys, for instance, will (almost) definitely create an expert pianist.

My intention here is to adapt and expand the discussion into the realm of personal character traits. It may seem entirely obvious that repeated practice and dedication will be a key driver in the development of an expert skill.

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Modern Street Talk

Modern Street Talk aims to make it easier for young people to become freelancers or entrepreneurs by giving them the tools, knowledge and confidence to take that big first step and just do it. Each week, I'll be talking to the people who I believe can provide knowledge that will have a huge impact on your professional career.

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