1-on-1 Impact Mentoring

1-on-1 Impact Mentoring

The ability to communicate with impact and empathy are hallmarks of charismatic individuals. Think about the people that inspire you: how are they able to mobilize their Body Language, voice and presence to create a tangible and well-argued footprint for their ideas?

My personalized 1-on-1 Impact Mentoring programme provides you with the tools necessary to maximize your own impact in the situations that matter to you. These could range from building underlying confidence to developing skills in speaking and networking.

More than ever, how you present yourself can make or break the key moments in your personal and business life. Throughout our coaching relationship, you will learn to identify:

My personalized coaching is built around the use of Auto-Visualisation Development (AVD). A technique I devised at the start of my coaching journey, this series of video exercises acts as a powerful mirror to self-development, allowing you to analyse and self-evaluate your progress.

Contact me today to arrange a conversation about your Impact, and how you could benefit from personalized coaching.

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