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Personal confidence underpins the "soft-skills" necessary in standing out in this competitive, ever-globalising world. My interactive and personalized workshops and seminars for conferences, businesses and private groups seek to put attendees in situations of vulnerability - ultimately helping them understand where confidence comes from and how to effectively "unpack" and build it.

I deliver a range of bespoke workshops across the following areas:

Public Speaking

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How do you interact with groups? Are you able to effectively sell yourself and your ideas in pressure situations?

Body Language & the Voice

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Are you aware of your body language signals? Does your Body Language and Voice add tangible impact to your message?

Impact, Confidence & Communication

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Do you communicate effectively? Does your audience connect with you, value your viewpoints, see you as a leader/an authority?

Pitch Coaching

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How can you maximize the impact of your business pitches and the footprint for your ideas?

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of your business or conference scenario, focusing on providing tangible tools for success and improvement. Read some case studies here.

Read some case studies here

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